Financial Support Services

APRA provides highly skilled and competent professionals to support financial management systems and offer thought leadership for the future.  Our team works diligently as trusted partners of our customers and deliver high-level problem-solving capabilities and management support. 

Our solutions are backed by a proven track record in staffing. Our approach focuses on maintaining program continuity by ensuring the availability of talented management, finance, and administrative support personnel. We understand how to:

  • Design compensation packages that will attract and retain talented professionals.
  • Match hard and soft skills with organizational needs to create an efficient, effective team.
  • Integrate modern sourcing strategies, including professional services, social media, and on our in-house talent database.
  • Maintain program continuity and ensure availability of required technical, management, financial, and administrative program support talent.

Our financial, payroll and project management experts support projects globally in the following areas:

  • Payroll
  • Invoicing
  • IT Financial Support
  • Training in Financial Applications
  • Knowledge Management
  • Payment of Overseas Vendors
  • Disbursements
  • Foreign Currency Pay