Information Technology (IT) Solutions

APRA is a unique firm managed by disciplined professionals with more than five decades of varied experience as accountants, auditors, engineers, educators, writers, technologists, human resource professionals, and corporate and public executives. Our team offers diverse backgrounds, expertise, memberships, and proven accomplishments that are our greatest assets in a competitive environment.

When you partner with APRA, you get expertise, tools, and resources to manage your organizational processes, people, capital, and IT investments cost effectively, even as your business environment changes.

APRA possesses significant professional expertise in areas ranging from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Open-stack cloud technologies to providing data-science, Java and .Net based software development, cloud engineering/integration/system-administration, and cloud architectural services. In addition, APRA also employs who have recently performed significant cloud-centric IT work for major public- and private-sector organizations.