Program and Project Management

Our Six-Sigma Certified Project Managers understand to how to review operational processes to maximize efficiency, identify opportunities for value-adds, and improve project timelines results. We offer expertise in core project management competencies including:

  • Operation Baselining
  • Procedure Documentation
  • Project Integration
  • Communication Process Optimization
  • Cost Monitoring and Management
  • Risk Management
  • Logistics

APRA’s core program management features:

Program Initiatives

Program initiatives to perform team integration, and fundamental project management techniques to manage each of the project task orders to overcome strengths and weaknesses strategies.

Demographic Understanding

Program demographic understanding, meaningful attention to the match of cultures, organizations, and project HR requirements.

Risk Analysis

Program overview risk analysis to ensure that the project is an integral part, the right fit of overall business strategy.

Full-time Resources

Project full-time time resources assigned with strong lines of executive accountability for the success of the project. Day-to-day job responsibilities for key project staff members for the project task order activities.

Program Targets

Program targets for integration task order activities with short-term financial and budget objectives that are quantitative. Specific performance targets broken down into a set of initiatives and accompanying performance measures in order to benchmark the Project Team’s performance.

Transition Management

We provide experienced Transition Managers to help streamline implementation of new contracts, projects, and processes. Our team ensures a seamless transition through provision of resources including:

Staffing Solutions Performance Management Deliverable-Monitoring to Ensure Rigorous Adherence to Customer Guidelines